best blenders for crushing ice

Ice-cold smoothies are among the best things in life, which need a complete info about the best blenders for crushing ice. However, if you prefer saving money by making it yourself, an extremely powerful blender will be necessary for crushing frozen fruit and ice. It can be time consuming to find the perfect model, but you don’t have to do it for long.

The following comparison list highlights the top 10 blenders for crushing ice and making frozen drinks. You can compare the top picks by going through their reviews, including their design, price, features, power, and warranty information.

We’ve put together a helpful buyer’s guide to assist you if you’re unsure which options matter to you.



1. Blendtec Classic 575 Blender – Best Overall

Blendtec TB-621-20 as the best blenders for crushing ice

We recommend the Blendtec TB-621-20 Total Classic Original Blender as our top pick for you due to its lightweight design, high quality, and wide range of features accurately justifying its comparatively higher price.

With a weight of just 7.28 pounds and a motor power of 1,560 watts, this model can crush ice very efficiently. With its simple button interface, you can cycle through six pre-programmed cycles, select from 10 speeds and pulse, and even clean yourself. Despite its smaller capacity of 32 ounces, the BPA-free plastic pitcher is well designed, with a fifth wall that draws ingredients toward the blade. Blades with two tips feel very durable, and the stainless steel blades aren’t as sharp, so it’s safer and easier to clean and maintain.

The noise is very loud and the model does not seem very stylish. Our tests revealed that the gaskets could leak and the plastic components were not as tough as they could be. The warranty period for Blendtec products is eight years.


  • Powerful motor that works well on ice
  • Lightweight
  • Many presets and speeds
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Sturdy, well-designed blending jar and blade
  • Lengthy eight-year warranty
  • Doesn’t require alteration


  • Not very stylish and more expensive
  • Smaller blending pitcher
  • Less durable gaskets and plastic components

2. Ninja BL610 Ice Crushing Blender – Best Value

Ninja BL610 Ice Crushing Blender as one of the best blenders for crushing ice

Interested in saving money? If you’re interested in crushing ice and frozen drinks, a Ninja Professional BL610 Countertop Blender might be a good choice for you.

Despite its weight and low price, this 7-pound machine packs a 1,000-watt motor that allows it to crush frozen fruit and ice quickly. This product has a large 64-ounce blender capacity and a sturdy six-blade assembly, along with a BPA-free dishwasher-safe pitcher and a pulsing, low, medium, and high interface.

While the BL610 is reasonably attractive, it can make a pretty good cup of coffee with ice. However, it is quite noisy and needs tamping in order to blend smoothly. Although the pitcher is durable, it cracks and leaks easily after heavy use, and the sharp blades become dull when blending ice, and are difficult to clean. The pitcher is not covered by Ninja’s 1 year warranty.


  • Large capacity
  • Lightweight, low cost, and fairly attractive
  • Strong motor and blades that work well on ice
  • Basic one-year warranty
  • Easy to use with three speeds and a pulse option


  • Less durable pitcher that isn’t covered by the warranty
  • Requires tamping to blend smoothly
  • Fairly loud
  • Sharp blades are harder to clean and quickly become dull

3. Vitamix 7500 Ice Blender – Premium Choice

Vitamix 7500 Ice Blender as one of the best blenders for crushing ice

A Vitamix 7500 Blender may be worth taking a look at if you have some extra space in your budget. High-end models are heavy and have less durable components, but this model has a powerful all-metal drive and many useful features.

An excellent 64-ounce blending capacity and a powerful motor make this 13-pound blender a great blender. In addition to 10 variable speeds and a pulse option, it has a switch and dial interface that’s clunky. Powered by a radial cooling fan and protected by a thermal protection system, this motor effectively slices through ice with its four tips made of stainless steel. Self-cleaning and attractive colors were especially appealing to us.

Testing revealed that the gears and blades may break down over time, and we were unable to ensure their durability. Due to its large price tag, this model cannot fully compensate for its limited features. Vitamix offers a generous warranty of seven years.


  • Works well with ice and frozen fruit
  • Strong motor
  • Radial cooling fan and built-in thermal protection
  • Self-cleaning feature, 10 speeds, and a pulse option
  • Good seven-year warranty


  • Clunky interface
  • Very expensive and heavier
  • Less durable blades and gears

4. Hamilton Beach 54220 Ice-Crushing Blenders

Hamilton Beach 54220 as one of the best blenders for crushing ice

Despite being a lightweight and affordable blender, the Hamilton Beach 54220 Wave Crusher Blender isn’t especially durable, and is not particularly great at handling ice.

In addition to its 700-watt motor, this machine features a patented four-tip blade assembly with Wave Action system for smooth blending. In addition to its self-cleaning feature, the machine includes a 40-ounce glass blending jar. There are 14 blending functions, as well as preset options, available through the eight-button interface.

Despite its quiet sound, this model has softer plastic pieces, such as the blade attachment, and some bumps that make it hard for it to blend smoothly. Despite being able to crush ice, this machine does not blend as smoothly as other models. There is a three-year warranty available from Hamilton Beach but repairs are subject to a shipping fee.


  • Inexpensive and lightweight
  • 14 blending functions including several presets
  • Patented blades and Wave Action blending system
  • Three-year warranty
  • Durable glass pitcher


  • Less powerful motor and flimsy plastic parts
  • Not as smooth of a blend
  • Smaller blending capacity
  • Must pay shipping fees even under warranty

5. Oster Reverse Crush Ice Blender

Oster BVCB07-Z00-NP0 as part of the best blenders for crushing ice

An interesting-looking and convenient low-cost blender option is the Oster BVCB07-Z00-NP0 Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender.

The 9.15 pounds of hardware boasts a highly complex interface with nine buttons, though it is clearly labeled. The two presets include a frozen drink preset and five manual settings. Its dual-direction, six-tip stainless steel blades and automatic reverse mechanism made us especially happy. This dishwasher-safe glass blending jar holds 48 ounces. It comes with an attached two-ounce filler cap to let you add ingredients as the blender works.

With its 1,000-watt motor, this model is extremely noisy, but it manages to crush ice quite effectively. To blend smoothly, it requires a fair amount of stirring. Despite the all-metal drive’s durability, the base’s plastic components aren’t and are not covered by the warranty. With Oster, you also get a three-year satisfaction guarantee and a 10-year motor warranty.


  • Dedicated frozen drinks preset and a range of speeds
  • Inexpensive and attractive
  • Automatically reversing, durable blades
  • Strong motor that works well on ice
  • Sturdy blending jar
  • 10-year metal drive warranty and three-year satisfaction guarantee


  • Requires frequent stirring to blend smoothly
  • Very loud and somewhat heavy
  • Complicated interface
  • Warranty doesn’t cover plastic components

6. Cleanblend 2001 Blender

 Cleanblend 2001 as a best blender for crushing ice

A heavier, more expensive, and not very well designed as a commercial blender yet, the Cleanblend 2001 Commercial Blender is a powerful option.

With its 1,800-watt motor, this bulky 12-pound blender can easily crush ice. This package includes an eight-tip stainless steel blade assembly, a 64-ounce glass blending jar, a tamper, and a plastic-made spatula. All these are BPA-free, a fact that makes it more trustworthy and reliable. The device isn’t especially attractive, featuring a knob and a switch that offers a variety of speeds.

The blender failed our testing because even the slowest setting is very fast, so this blender doesn’t have a very wide adjustment range. It’s not very well-designed to ensure smooth blending, so you’ll probably need to use the included tamper. The pitcher doesn’t fit perfectly on the base, so you might have to hold it down while blending. A thirty-day refund policy is offered by Cleanblend, along with a five-year warranty.


  • Works well on ice
  • Includes tamper and spatula
  • Very powerful, high-speed motor
  • Durable blades and blending jar
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and five-year warranty


  • Fairly expensive
  • Less attractive and heavier
  • Pitcher doesn’t fit well on base and requires frequent tamping
  • Doesn’t operate at lower speeds

7. Homgeek Ice Crushing Blender

H22259US Blender Smoothie Maker as the best blender for crushing ice

In addition to being reasonably priced and offering a range of good features, the H22259US Blender Smoothie Maker offered by Homegeek, has a complicated interface, and is inconveniently designed and does not properly handle ice.

Although the 1,450-watt motor produces strong power, it seizes easily and can’t handle large ice cubes. The complex but attractive interface of this 9.9-pound machine includes four presets and eight speed settings, as well as dedicated buttons for ice crushing and smoothie preparation. The BPA-free Tritan plastic and extra thick exterior provide extra strength to this 68-ounce pitcher that can blend liquids up to 228 degrees Fahrenheit.

When blending large quantities, you may have to spend more time on the motor since it can only be used for ten minutes at a time. A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered by Homgeek, and a two-year warranty is included in the package.


  • Can blend hot liquids
  • Several speeds and presets, including dedicated ice crush button
  • Reasonably-priced and fairly light
  • Durable blade and pitcher
  • 30-day money-back and two-year quality guarantees


  • Complicated interface
  • Less durable motor that is prone to seizing
  • Only works for 10 minutes at a time
  • Not as effective on ice

8. COSORI C700-PRO Blender

COSORI’s C700-PRO as another best blender for crushing ice

In COSORI’s C700-PRO Blender, the price is attractive and the blender works well, but it feels cheap and is not very durable.

A robust 1,500-watt motor powers this heavy 13-pound model, which has six stainless steel blade tips. Though the switch and dial interface are not aesthetically pleasing, it is extremely easy to use, and the large 70-ounce BPA-free pitcher has an impressively durable feel. Recipe book, 27ounce travel bottle, and cleaning brush are included in the package. You can easily use the tamper while you blend thanks to the built-in handle on the lid.

Despite the good performance of the C700-PRO, we found the motor and blades to be less durable, as well as the overall bulkiness and low quality of the machine. The COSORI product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty, and you’re eligible for an extra year by registering on the COSORI website.


  • Includes large pitcher, travel bottle, and built-in tamper
  • Strong motor works well with ice
  • Reasonable price
  • 60-day money-back guarantee and extendable one-year warranty


  • Heavy, with a cheaper feel
  • Less attractive design
  • Less durable motor and blades

9. AICOK BL1192 Blender

AICOK BL1192 Blender as from the best blenders for crushing ice

Our selection of the AICOK BL1192 Blender is near the bottom due to its bulk, loudness, and less attractive design, though it’s cost-effective and works well on crushing ice.

The 10.4-pound weight of this model makes it a heavier choice. There are three manual speeds and three presets, and the machine has dedicated buttons for ice crush and smoothie making. It is a fairly strong motor of 1,400 watts. The appliance also comes with an automatic overheat protection feature and a sturdy stainless steel blade assembly, plus a 70-ounce plastic pitcher made from BPA-free, dishwasher-safe Tritan.

Blenders like this one aren’t great looking machines due to their cheap-feeling bodies, clunky switches, and clumsy controls. This machine is noisy, but it crushes ice effectively thanks to the metal drive. Two-year warranty is included with this model from AICOK.


  • Durable blade and large blending container
  • Strong motor with a range of speeds and presets
  • Works fairly well on ice
  • Less expensive
  • Two-year warranty


  • Clunky switch and dial interface
  • Heavy and very loud
  • Less attractive, with a cheap-feeling black plastic body

10. Addwin Countertop-Blenders

Addwin Countertop Blender as memeber of the best blenders for crushing ice

We dislike the Addwin Countertop Blender because it is uninspired and not as durable as other options.

An impressive 2,200-watt motor powers this light 8.85-pound blender, together with a six-tip blade assembly and a dishwasher-safe Tritan pitcher that is BPA-free and holds 70 ounces. Red and black color schemes make the basic body appear less expensive than it is. With variable speed and pulse options but no presets, the switch and dial interface are simple to use. A tamper is also included in the package.

Because this machine has such a powerful motor, it is able to crush ice and frozen fruit with ease. Unfortunately, the pitcher and blades rusted over time, and they’re very loud, too. One year is the basic warranty offered by Addwin.


  • Large pitcher, six-blade assembly, and tamper
  • Very strong motor that works fairly well on ice
  • Lightweight and reasonably-priced
  • One-year warranty


  • Unattractive, cheap-looking design
  • No presets and a clunky interface
  • Less durable pitcher and blade assembly
  • Very loud


You may need a sturdy bladed blender if you plan on crushing ice. The question is, how do you sort through all the options to find the most appropriate one? Check out the following guide to help you make your choice.


What is your budget, and what features will you be satisfied with if you spend more? There are a lot of blenders that can process ice, regardless of your budget, but you might prefer the more powerful and flexible ones if you’re willing to spend a bit more.


You will probably want to choose a machine with a high wattage motor, around 1,500 watts or more, if you want something that will pulverize anything you put into it. With a lower-wattage motor, you might be able to blend frozen fruits and vegetables if you thaw them before blending or use smaller ice cubes. You may save money by choosing a less powerful budget-friendly machine.


Blending smooth and fully will depend heavily on the quality of your blender blades. A stainless steel blade assembly tends to be the most durable, and it comes in several different shapes with various numbers of tips.

Our top pick, the Blendtec TB-621-20 Total Classic Original Blender, may be the best choice if you only plan on using your blender to crush ice and make frozen drinks. In addition to working well on ice, this design is also easier to clean. If you would like a blender with a greater number of tips and sharp edges, you may be interested in blade assemblies with these features.

a member of the best blenders for crushing ice


You probably want to make sure that your new appliance lasts as long as possible. A sturdy material such as tempered glass, stainless steel, and shatter-resistant Tritan plastic will help you achieve this. A thermostat with an overheating protection feature and sufficient fans may also be of interest to you.

Interface & Features

When it comes to learning new machines, how much time will you spend? You may be okay with a complicated, feature-rich interface if you enjoy reading a manual. Likewise, choosing a blender with a simple interface and useful presets may be best if you are looking for an easy one-button start.

There are some models that have special buttons for crushing ice, making frozen drink, and blender smoothies, so there will be no guesswork involved. Those who prefer to control processes directly may want to opt for a speed dial that allows them to adjust the speed. A blender with a tamper can ensure smooth blending, and reversible or automatically reversing blades can help to prevent jamming or difficulty cleaning the machine.


In our review, all of the blenders we’ve come across are covered for at least a year. It may also be a good idea to look for models with warranties covering seven or eight years, if you would like more protection for your investment.

 Check the warranty coverage as well, as some cover only the metal parts of the drive or motor. You may have to replace cracked pitchers or less durable blades out of pocket if they are not covered by these warranties.


One of our favorites is the Blendtec TB-621-20 Total Classic Original Blender, which is remarkably powerful, lightweight, and features a large number of functions. You may want to consider the Ninja Professional BL610 Countertop Blender if you’re on a tight budget. This blender offers great value, several speed settings, a strong motor, and a large capacity. With a powerful motor, many useful features, and a great warranty, the Vitamix 7500 Blender could be a great choice for you.

While many blenders are available in the market, not all of them can crush ice and frozen fruit. Featuring a comprehensive feature guide and comprehensive reviews, our guide to the 10 best blenders for crushing frozen drinks and ice of 2021 may help you find the perfect model. A smoothie or margarita will be at your disposal in no time!

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